Uzi arrived in Christchurch from Laholm Sweden on Thursday the 31st if March 2005 at the tender age of 16 weeks. What a long wait we had for him! We had been searching for a good non-related European line since shortly after Triomph arrived, and twice before things fell through. Lasse and Ingela from Altonastigen Kennels certainly went to an enormous amount of trouble for us to assist in getting their lovely wee boy to us. We are extremely thankful to them both for the hard work and love they have put into helping us realise our goal.

Uzi is of a very strong and in dependant, calm, confident character. He knows what he wants, and doesn't mind letting you know what he doesn't want either! His strength also extends to his structure, being a very solid, heavy boned boy - you hear him coming before he arrives :-). Co-incidentally his name actually means "my strength", which I think suits him very well. His movement is astoundingly graceful and sound for such a heavy boy, and his conformation is very desirable.

For a little lesson in pronuation, Uzi is said with th oo sound as in 'good and book and rhymes with pussy'.

To date Uzi has produced beautiful strong, heavy boned, sound puppies.

10th May 2018
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