Triomph was born on the 1st of February 2002 in Boury en Vexin, France in the home of Patricia Jaffrennou, who owns the kennel name 'du Domaine de la Framboisine'. We are very grateful to Patricia for supplying abundant information and photos of Triomph and his relatives, including all health records and certificates of Oural and Yseult (Triomph's sire and dam).

Triomph was raised up to the first ten months of his life at La Tissiere, Loddes, France, being the home of Hein Sibrijns and Metha Stramer, where he was serving his apprenticeship until his departure for New Zealand on December 23rd 2002. Hein and Metha gave him valuable social skills to enable him to live in our home with several other dogs.

On 25th December 2002 Triomph arrived in New Zealand at Christchurch airport and was transferred to Canterbury Quarantine in Aylesbury (a mere twelve minute drive from our home). We were first allowed to visit him on the 27th of December, and visited him every day (other than public holidays and Sundays) and brought him his home-prepared BARF meals for the entire 30 day duration of his solitary confinement.

On the 23rd of January 2003 we brought Triomph home, and what a joy he is to have. Triomph would have to be the most delightfully natured dog I have ever known. He is sweet, social, gentle and very coy, offering his paw to anyone he thinks worthy of friendship. He has a wonderful sense of humour and asks for attention and playtime in a most endearing way.

Triomph settled in with our other two dogs, Fendi and Saraia incredibly easily. The cats liked him too and the miniature horses aren't the least disturbed by his offering them a lick on the muzzle in a very gentle manner.  He is a very fast learner and has had no trouble changing language in


As a stud Triomph has proven himself very able by siring five beautiful litters.  The pups have certainly inherited some of the best characteristics from both their mother and father, having excellent temperaments and good height, strong black masks and fantastic coats. Even the girls have lovely thick lion-like manes. His 83cm height has been duplicated in several of his offspring, even in some of his girls. We have kept several of Triomph's progeny, some for breeding, but above all, all of them are first and foremost important members of our household.

10th May 2018
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