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In 2014 we tried using frozen semen from our very first imported stud boy Triomph from France, with our own girl Orkje, which produced two live pups - Boaz and Swan, so we decided to keep them both as Swan was our new sand girl and I especially love the sands. Paul wanted another male personal pet as he had lost his sand boy Argent a few years ago, so he kept Boaz.

Swan is a very stunning sand girl and has great height. She is a real turbo berger and manages to bounce up and down with all four legs leaving the ground when she gets excited, which is daily and especially at feeding time. I love the arrow she has on her mask. She passed her health tests with flying colours also, so joined our breeding girls to replace some of the retired old girls. Her sand Auntie Shandel was retired many years ago, so I wanted another sand girl.

To date (2018) Swan has had two litters. She is producing lovely tall French type offspring like her father Triomph and mother Orkje. I am very pleased with her as a mother too - she is easy to work with and a very attentive mother. I love the trust my girls give me when they have babies and I have to help them with their whelping. Swan totally trusts me, which makes working with her a joy. It is wonderful to have such a variety of colours in our breeding lines, and Swan hs produced six precious sands for us so far.

10th May 2018