Stella is from Fendi and Triomph's first litter, and a very fine example of the red/brown type of leonberger, with great colouring, lovely long coat and a sweet feminine expression.

Stella was already taller than her NZ bred mother at around 8 months of age, as were all the other pups in the litter. Improving the height with Triomph, was something we had hoped to achieve in our breeding, and we have certainly achieved that. A healthy, robust but soft-natured girl, Stella fits in extremely well in our leo-pack, but is also very devoted to me.

From her first litter to Uzi, Stella produced stunning-looking pups with nice strong bone and good solid black muzzles.  I selected what I felt to be the best female (Roma) and kept her for our future breeding programme. Roma and Stella are great friends and love playing together. They make a very pretty typed pair.

20th January 2008
Leonburns Leonbergers