Roma is my very special beautiful young girl from Stella's first litter to Uzi. Her colouring is the red/brown type with a very black mask and dark brown eyes. There is something special about Roma in my eyes. She is such a sweet, pretty girl and a true Uzi daughter. As a little pup Roma had an elbow injury and had to be kept isolated (to stop her from playing with the other pups) and rested quite a long time to allow her elbow to heal and continue to develop properly, as the growth plates were still a long way off from closing and there was a risk of them developing incorrectly if she kept bouncing around (she is a very bouncy playful girl).

Although Roma is close to breeding age, and has great hips, and her elbow injury has also developed satisfactorily, I still have not found the right "husband" for her, so she will have to go on hold until I achieve that and we import another fine stud boy like her daddy Uzi. No rush - I can only handle one litter at a time anyway. In the meantime, she enjoys playing and bouncing around mostly with her mother Stella, who is her best friend.

Updated 20th January, 2008.

20th January 2008

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