Orkje is a Friesian girl's name from the province of Friesland, Holland my birth country. When Etoile's litter to Uzi was born, I decided to give all the pups temporary pet names at birth (as I always do), choosing all Friesian names for this litter. Her name is pronounced "Ork Yuh".

Orkje was the only sand in the litter, and wanting to preserve the sand gene in that new combination as well, I decided to keep Orkje. Since all the pups were of sound structure, temperament and movement anyway, it was not a worry only singling her out by colour. She has passed her initial eye examination, so when she is old enough, we will be able to find out from her future xrays if she is suitable to join our breeding programme. If not - we keep her as the pet she is anyway.

Orkje is a very bouncy, active girl too, gets on with other dogs plus every other leo we own and is also great babysitting the pups we have (when they are old enough). She is very bombproof with visitors and strangers out and about in town, but has a bit of a self-willed nature and selective hearing, so needs to be handled with firmness.

Although Orkje is of the sand colouring, hers is more leaning towards beige and lion-yellow shades, with a lot of black tipping through her coat. Very unusual and not as pale as Shandel and Argent. She is more like Argent's brother Jack and the original imported Cadilac's colour, which is sometimes referred to as a wolf-grey.

20th January 2008
Leonburns Leonbergers