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Jancsi was born in France in 2014, at Hein and Metha’s Nagybobanya Kennel.

He came to us in 2015 as a 9 month old pup, which we hoped would mature into our next stud boy. Jancsi is a delightful boy, so sweet natured and totally bombproof. Although his ears seem to be painted on, there’s not a mean bone in his body - he just uses his immense size to avoid doing as he’s told.

We can trust him with baby puppies and with any of the other leos here, as he doesn’t have male dominance issues at all. We were totally delighted as he passed all his health tests with flying colours, until we came to freezing some of his semen, and found it to be totally munted.

We tried to heal his immune system but over the next couple of years, he just produced more and more of the deformed and dead semen, and although we had it tested at least five times, it never improved.

So since our we love our leonbergers first and foremost as valuable family members, Jancsi will simply stay here at Leonburns. We still thoroughly enjoy having him here. He is a real character and great with visitors and when we go out socialising.

10th May 2018