Leonburns Leonbergers
Hadassah was born in May 2015 to our own Asti and our Leonburns bred boy Yodie.

She is a lovely dark red/brown lady with a sweet temperament. Although I love ALL the colours that leonbergers come in, I was worried about losing the darker red brown colour in our lines as we were producing quite a few lion yellows among other colours, and I so much wanted a Roma puppy which didn’t eventuate (best made plans don’t always work out).

Roma was a very special personal girl for me, so I got the next best thing, which was a baby girl from her lovely dark red brown black son Yodie. He has made my wish come true to give us another stunning dark girl like him. Asti is lion yellow, so I just picked the darkest girl from the litter that looked like she had some red in her, and Hadassah has definitely not disappointed us in any way.

Hadassah passed all her health tests with flying colour, so she has joined our breeding girls. To date she has had one litter with Boaz early this year (2018) and further delighted us by producing three chocolate gene pups. I always wanted more of those, but it didn’t happen again over the years until now, so we have kept one of her daughters, Ginger.

10th May 2018