Leonburns Leonbergers
Ginger was born here at Leonburns to Hadassah and Boaz in February 2018.

One of Paul’s personal pets when we first started breeding leonbergers, was Cassia, the first chocolate gene leonberger we bred back in 2003 and probably the first chocolate leonberger in the Southern Hemisphere. Such an amazingly rare colour, and after our last chocolate pup in 2005, we never had another, and thought that was it.

My joy was overwhelming when Hadassah gave birth to three chocolates! Immediately Paul decided to keep another chocolate, so he opted for a girl again, and here is Ginger, an unexpected addition to our Team Leonburns Leonbergers. She is a real delight! Everything that is black on a standard leonberger, is a chocolate brown on a chocolate gene leonberger, so that is the mask, ear tips, chevron, lips, eyelids, nose and pads and anything else that would be black.

The coat develops into a lovely ginger colour with orange eyes to match. When we’ve produced chocolate pups in the past, they were the first pups to be chosen by our pet owners and this time was no different.

Chocolate leonbergers cannot be shown as it’s considered an undesirable colour according to the breed standard. I say “racism” - it’s only a colour, and a VERY desirable one with our owners and ourselves. I’m looking forward our lovely wee girl develop. Paul has already been training her from a very young age and is enjoying her immensely.

10th May 2018