Etoile is French for Star. Her full name "Treize Etoiles de la Devaudiere" means thirteen stars of Devaudiere. The breeder and owner of the Devaudiere kennel name is Monsieur Patrick Cretinon of Savoie, France, where Etoile was born on the 13th of April, 2002, to sire Onil de Neufs Grains d'Or and dam Melissa du Nant de Sally. She is a true lion-yellow colour, being very pale to cream with a beautiful soft silver-grey chest with a small white star.  Her very dark, even, black mask and dark brown eyes truly stand out against  her paler colouring.

At around 9 weeks of age, Etoile was moved to her new temporary home at La Tissiere, Loddes, France, where she joined her future (shared) husband Triomph in the wonderful care of Hein Sibrijns and Metha Stramer for the 7 months of quarantine and apprenticeship time.

Etoile arrived in Christchurch, New Zealand on January 29th 2003, where she also had to do another month's quarantine in Aylesbury before moving to Darfield, her final permanent home, to join Triomph, Fendi and Saraia at Burnsdale.

Etoile has produced beautiful pups by Triomph and Uzi, who have inherited her lovely elegance and dark eyes, and are the first all-European pups to be born in Australasia. Of Etoile's litters we have so far exported seven ambassadors to Australia and also seven to the North Island of NZ. The rest remain in the South Island, among which Fyedka, Shandel, Argent and Orkje live here with us at Summerhill.

16th January 2008
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