Leonburns Leonbergers
Cyrus was born in November 2017 and came to Leonburns as a 9 week old pup in January 2018 from the Lyonzred Leonberger Kennel in the North Island.

We’re very thankful to Rosemarie and Rob for trusting us with their lovely wee man. Our hopes are that he will mature nicely and become our next stud dog for some of our girls here. We will start his health testing at 12 months of age.

Cyrus has blended into our pack very easily. He was such a sweet gentle boy and never gave us any trouble. No accidents with crate training, very lovely natured with our little pups and just a dream to have around. We have basic obedience trained him and socialised him plenty (and continue to do so) and he’s become quite bombproof to take out and about to busy places - Cyrus just loves people patting and cuddling him. Like me, he looks kind of funny at legs that walk past without stopping to pat him. There must be something wrong with those people. How can you not want to stop and pat such a delightful bundle of fluff?

10th May 2018