Leonburns Leonbergers
Chava is a daughter from my beloved (now departed) Shandel and my special boy (also departed) Uzi. Sometimes you get the extra special ones that just endear your heart a little bit more than the others, and Shandel and Uzi were both such leos. Chava is a lion yellow girl, born in October 2013. She is also very endearing and loves to wrap her front paws around me. We have a very close bond with all our leos as we love them and interact with them every day, plus I have been there right from the moment they were born (apart from our imports).

Chava also passed her health tests and joined our breeding girls, but she’s proving a bit difficult to get in whelp. She has to date (2018) had one litter to Boaz for us and also produced two sands, which isn’t surprising since her mother was a sand. There are some extremely tall French types in her offspring too, which is great to see, as our original French pair Triomph and Etoile are coming through in the lines.

Even though Chava and Boaz are both lion yellow, they are throwing quite a few red browns coming through from Triomph and Uzi in their lines.

I’m extremely pleased with how their offspring are maturing, and look forward to having another litter from her if we succeed.

10th May 2018