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Boaz (Hebrew name meaning Swiftness - “strength is within him”)

Boaz is Swan’s litter brother from Orkje and Triomph’s frozen semen, born in May 2014. He is at present lion yellow, but producing some darker red colouring on his back as he matures. Boaz is Paul’s personal pet, but since he produced great results in his health tests, and matured into a very impressive male like his father, we have also used him as stud dog.

Boaz to date (2018) has produced two litters in Australia from frozen semen, and three here at Leonburns. His offspring are nice and tall with a variety of colours. His semen is very healthy and plentiful.

Although he is a very dominant hormonal male and can be rather towy with other males, Paul loves taking him out and about because he is totally friendly and bomb proof with people. At extremely busy farmers markets, nothing fazes him and he is a big hit with the public.

10th May 2018