Leonburns Leonbergers
Asti was born in 2010 to our own bred Shandel, and imported boy Uzi. Asti is now retired from breeding after only having two litters.

She is such a darling girl, with very affectionate and cute, playful behaviour. Lion Yellow in colour, like her grandmother Etoile, she had two different beaus, but neither combination produced any sands. Most are red brown, but we kept Chava (lion yellow) from her first litter and Hadassah (dark red brown) from her second litter.

Although to date (2018) she is nearly 8 years old, and by the book a veteran, she shows no sign of slowing down at all - full of beans and full of love. A pleasure to have around and a great auntie to mind the pups we have, and give their mother a break. I hope she is with us for many years yet, like her mother Shandel who made it to nearly 13 years old.

10th May 2018