Argent (Latin meaning silver) was born one of three rare sand males in Etoile and Triomph's second litter, so the first sand male born in Australasia. Another rare blessing :-)). We sure are extremely happy to have been gifted with yet more rare colours in the breed! This time Paul again wanted to keep a rare colour merely as a personal pet and for his own training and enjoyment, so we did.

We decided not to breed with Argent (we have no unrelated girls for him at this stage anyway), so we had him de sexed, as we already have his sister Shandel to carry on the sand gene with. Too many entire males are hard work when the girls come into season!

Argent (being of the all French/Belgian lines) has followed in his parents' footsteps and become an exceptionally tall boy. He has a very sweet nature and loves spending time with Paul in their personal training sessions, which make him feel so important. Argent is very good at tracking. He is a beautiful boy, with the very pale, off-white sand colouring making a great contrast to his black mask and other black points.

20th January 2008
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